the marguerite doré story

Glass is my passion and inspiration. A vocation for building and the creative arts is one I inherited and gladly follow, preserving my proud family tradition. I am Melbourne born with a history extending back four generations and steeped in the creative fields of oil painting, pastels and a long line of Architects and Master Builders, all of whom have owned and own their companies. My father was a multi-award winning Master Builder, receiving a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for his services to the building industry as a practitioner and trainer.


With over 25 years of experience, my story begins in the world of leadlighting, where I restored antique panels and created new panels, matching them meticulously with old ones. While my family’s legacy remains evident today throughout Melbourne, my work too can be seen in schools, homes and buildings in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, including Kew, Camberwell and Malvern. Further afield, visitors to the Cairns Library continue to enjoy the striking feature window I created in their historic public building.


To me the world of glass is built on an alchemical mystique of fire and colour to create uniquely crafted pieces. I have always been creative but from the day I felt the cooling textures of a glass object after witnessing the fire of its creation I was hooked and knew I had found ‘my’ medium. For over eight years I have been designing and producing handmade, kiln-fired glass dining-ware which celebrates the natural beauty of glass. Using high quality raw materials, I am proud to create elegant products that enhance the fine dining experience, while being exceptionally strong and durable. I am now extending my business to the production of glass panels as decorative features to enhance your space. While they are perfect for all kinds of practical applications, such as shower screens, windows, doors or splashbacks, the artistic handmade craftsmanship will deliver so much more to give your room that extra sexy edge for years to come.


Upholding the esteemed legacy of those who have gone before me, integrity and honesty in business are of the utmost importance to me. After listening to your needs and carefully reviewing your plans, colours, themes and ideas – I will provide schematic drawings to convey to you my vision for your project. These are a starting point only, for they cannot do justice to the finished panel. The way the light behaves as it interacts with the glass is near impossible to show on paper. And with glass it’s all about the light. So I will supplement these drawings with examples of the types of glass I will use and the effects I can achieve.


You can trust my capability to make the magic happen as I apply my well-honed craft to create a panel of unique and handmade beauty. The transformation occurs in a combination of perfect inspired moments; whether it’s when I am paling the coloured glass on top of the clear, or as I prepare the bed of the kiln for slumping the decorative panels. The finished result reflects a quality of craftsmanship and artistry as gloriously as it reflects the natural light.


As my logo is embossed into every panel, you know you have an original. I vouch for every panel I create. Now I proudly invite you to my world of glass. Let the glass panels enhance your world with their lustre, versatility and elegance.