“In the marguerite doré world of glass, anything is possible”

Experience the lustrous colour of high quality glass panels, a new concept from the talented studio of marguerite doré. The intense hues derive from within the glass itself, the raw materials providing purity, depth and a sexy gleam.

Celebrating its essence as the supreme manipulator of light, my goal is to work with you to create artistic glass panels whose natural beauty elevates the ambience of any space. Whether backlit with LED lights or gloriously reflecting natural light, whether incandescent with colour or simply clear; the effect will intensify the atmosphere and appeal to all.

Together we can custom design unique panels that will exemplify your passion and skills, enhancing the presentation of your business or home for a warm and inviting welcome that exudes quality and craftsmanship. Be it for a decorative feature to embellish a space, or a more practical application such as a shower screen, window, door or splashback; each piece will be meticulously handmade, robust and created in the marguerite doré glass studio. The possibilities are endless.