what is cold, warm & hot glass?

  There are three main types of glass categories when creating with glass –        

Cold, Warm and Hot. There are more which l shall talk about at a later date.


Cold being leadlight/stained glass panels often seen in period homes, commercial buildings, churches and cathedrals. Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station still today has their original leadlights. My passion for this area is still strong and l shall talk more about other artist using cold glass methods and the panels that have taken my breath away.


Warm which is the craft l do that is forming glass on/in molds or beds in a kiln. The bed is like the table where you place your molds or glass pieces on then covered with a lid ready for firing at high temperatures in the kiln. Hot is working with a furnace capable of extreme high temperatures turning glass into molten and making for example glasses, vases and other amazing glass creations.


l have meet a some very talented hot glass artist here in Melbourne and in time l shall introduce you to them. As time went by l came to realise that warm glass was the craft l most enjoyed and had a natural knack for, understanding the way glass behaved came of great interest to me with kiln forming glass as we call in the industry, slumped glass. It’s very exciting by working the program predicting  what will happen within the kiln with the glass  and you don’t find out until you open the kiln when cooled if you were correct with your settings, still today it still excited me each time and is such a thrill and at times a relief.