welcome to capella -rougié duboeuf sturia party 2014 – sentosa, singapore

An honour to have been invited along with fellow members of (LTB)  Les Toques Blanches of Melbourne which is the Executive Chef Association  to this exclusive event which dedicates its self to High End Chefs from around the world cooking with Foie Gras. along with  Sturia Caviar, Exquisite Wines from Georges Duboeuf and Cigars of Navarre.


The People behind this event.

Guy de Saint-Laurent the Director for Commerical Export of Roughié Philppe Vo the General Manager of Classic Fine Foods, Singapore Franck Duboeuf son of Georges Duboeuf, founder (1964) of Les Vins Georges Duboeuf, Georges’s nicknamed, “le roi du Beaujolais” (The King of Beaujolais) Alain Rougié of Rougié started by his Grandfather Leonce Rougié in 1875, South West of France, followed by his father Jean Rougié. Read more about Rougié history by PAX International. Top Chefs from around the world cook their recipes with Foie Gras.


Chef Kazuo Takagi (left side)with fellow member of LTB Chef Jeffrey Tan.

Kyoryuri Takagi Restaurant, Japan.


Chef Farah Quinn -Indonesia.


Such a lovely lady Chef Farah Quinn

As well as Chef Nooror Somany Steppe founder and partner of Blue Elephant International, Thailand with Chef Sandra Steppe, Director of Blue Elephant International.


Chef Leung Sui Ming, Ah Yat Harbour View Restaurant, Hong Kong.
Chef Patrick Jeffroy, Hôtel de Carantec Restaurant, France

Chef Jocelyn Deumie, Rougié culianary advisor

Serving the Sturia Caviar, France.