the marguerite doré story

Glass is my passion and my inspiration. To me the world of glass is built on an alchemical mystique of fire and colour to create uniquely crafted pieces. I have always been creative but from the day I felt the cooling textures of a glass object after witnessing the fire of its creation I was hooked and knew I had found ‘my’ medium.


I create dining-ware where people can appreciate for the natural beauty of glass. When looking at, holding and using my products I want you to enjoy them, to see the lustre and gleam of the exceptional quality of perfectly designed and fired glass. The quality of the raw materials I use ensures my product’s purity and a sexiness that becomes fluid and organic in shape.


These plates are made to be used. Like us, they are strong and durable enough to take a few hard knocks in life. I am inspired when working with rich and dynamic colours to create exciting new designs. The process of taking a plate out of the kiln, seeing how the colour flows and intensifies taking its own path within my design is incredibly satisfying. I consider myself blessed to be able to use my creative talents in this way.


My plates are designed as a canvas to inspire culinary passion and skill, enhancing the presentation of quality cuisine, and enhancing a fine dining experience into a memorable occasion.


As my logo is embossed into every plate, it’s the guarantee of an original design. Every plate comes with my personal attention to detail and seal of approval to ensure quality. This integrity and handcrafted care in a manufactured world is the reason why I founded my own company, wanting to build on the bespoke nature of my production to offer a service built on reliability integrity and originality.


In the world of glass anything is possible; welcome to my world.