High Tea Stands

Unique, versatile, stunningly designed

Your presentation and service will be complimented by our unique combination of plants and stands. You will quickly enjoy the economical benefits delivered by the durable high quality glass and exclusive Australian method of producing these exquisite plates.

Our distinctive stands are also made in Australia and some finishes feature genuine gold. By manufacturing to order we will satisfy your requirements and exceed your expectations.

(BG) bright gold HTS

(MB) matt black HTS

(SG) saton gold HTS

(SRG) satin rose gold HTS

(BRG) bright rose gold HTS

(PSS) polished stainless-steel HTS

(GB) gloss black HTS

3 tier stand sizes

(HTS 100) – Left H 340, W 200 – DEPTH 100MM

(HTS 80) – Right

H 340, W 200 – DEPTH 80MM


Pictured with (SP) small plates – full drift – white

(BG) bright gold

(SG) satin gold

(BRG) bright rose gold

(SRG) satin rose gold

(GB) gloss black

(MB) matt black

(PSS) polished stainless steel*

  • note that the finishes are all electroplated on stainless steel except for the polished stainless steel which is electropolished.

introducing stand dippers

(SDIP) stand dippers – accoutrement plates

plate sizes

(SP) small plates

L 380, 310, 255

(SRG) satin rose gold stand – full drift – white

(LP) large plate

L 500, 400, 330

(BRG) bright rose gold stand – full drift – white


(P) passion

(D) drift

(FD) full drift