les toques blanches “rapid fire” culinary competition

2014 Rapid Fire Chef – Culinary Speed Competition.

Les Toques Blanches (LTB) exhibition stand at Fine Food Australia, Melbourne.


Major sponsors:

 Bulla Dairy Foods and Fine Food Australia.


Champion Prize:

RRP$4.290 SMEG retro fridge to the winner donated by SMEG with the choice of colour and delivery.


Resource sponsors:

Cobram Estate Olive Oils – Durawear IndustriesHobart Food EquipmentLevantine Hill –

MoffatPetuna SeafoodRW Marketing.



SMEG retro fridge the Champion prize and l can tell you that everyone who saw that fridge wanted it, including myself.


It was a wonderful and exciting way to give young cooks practice of being in a culinary competition, giving them the experience of speed, presentation, the pressures of being on a show and gaining knowledge. This competition was run by LTB and there were years of experience amongst the chefs who were there. The dedication amongst the young entries was impressive, they listened to what was been asked of them, they took advise before and after the competitions and took full, advantage of the knowledge the chefs had to share. These young cooks showed s a lot of respect to the chefs and vice a versa. This was so refreshing to me in today’s day and age.

IMG_3742  IMG_3744 IMG_3743

Apprentice Luke Mueller from  The Firehouse where the Executive Chef, Antony Henare suggested to Luke to enter to gain experience in culinary competitions.


IMG_3762 IMG_3752  IMG_3748IMG_3753IMG_3765IMG_3757

Omelettes were presented on marguerite doré glass plates.


The Judging was on visual, quality and timing.


Peter Schepver and George Hill assessed the visual and quality and Marguerite Dore judged the time taken.

IMG_3746 IMG_3763 IMG_3767

Preliminary rounds:

There were 4 heats with 4 entries per heat.

  • 600 ml béchamel infused with an onion clouté
  • One cigar shape, 3 egg, ham, and herb omelette (baveuse)
  • Make one paper-piping bag
  • Whip 300 ml Crème Chantilly using Bulla Thickened Cream and pipe the name “Bulla” on the plate.

All the commodities needed to be on the tray for the timing to end.

Timing difference varied between 25.29 seconds to 8.59 seconds amongst the four heats.


IMG_3741 IMG_3739

All the ingredients and utensils laid out for them, for easy access along with equipment.


 Combination of quality with speed, using limited equipment, and limited ingredients with marks awarded for quality, appearance, and speed in preparation.



Prepare 250 ml mayonnaise

2 Petuna smoked ocean trout and Crème Fraîche savoury crêpes.


Awarded to the Champion.





Karla Thomas who produced all the specified products in the challenge; was declared the winner and won the Smeg Retro Fridge  and l can tell you that anyone who saw that fridge wanted it, including myself.


Karla was awarded the Smeg Retro Fridge RRP: $4,290.00

Timing  differences between  contestants was:

59 sec.

57 sec.

52 sec.

27 sec.


George Hill chaired the meetings for all the LTB events at Fine Food Australia at the Les Toques Blanches Stand.


Les Toques Blanches acknowledges and express their gratitude to the sponsors of all LTB events at Fine Food Australia:



Bulla Dairy Foods

Fine Food Australia

Hobart Food Equipment





Cobram Estate Olive Oils


Gault Millau

Illawarra Prime Alpaca

Petuna Seafood

Levantine Hill

RW marketing

LTB, Stand organising committee:

Sarah Maric

Marguerite Dore

Marcus Moore

Daman Shrivastav

John Langford

John Miller (OAM)

Keith Byron

Keith Jackson

George Hill (Chair)