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Anti-Slavery Australia – UTS Faculty of Law

Working to eliminate trafficking and slavery in Australia.

Their mission at Anti-Slavery Australia is to provide justice and fair treatment for people who have experienced all forms of trafficking, slavery and extreme labour exploitation. As l feel very strongly about this cause for the past two years l have donated a prize for their silent auction at the Anti-Slavery Australia Freedom Dinner held at White Rabbit Gallery, N.S.W and they have my support in the future. Luxury goods and experiences sought for Anti-Slavery Australia fundraiser held at White Rabbit Gallery” and Aria   “Dear Marguerite, Thank you so much for your generous prize contribution for the 2014 Anti-Slavery Australia Freedom Dinner. The event was a great success and raised $25 000 to put towards our work with survivors of slavery and trafficking in Australia. Your glass plates were dazzling and encouraged great enthusiasm in the silent auction bidders.   Thank you again for your support. Kind regards, Beau” Ms Beau Neilson | Fundraising and External Engagement | Anti-Slavery Australia | Faculty of Law | University of Technology


Anti-Slavery Australia Freedom Dinner 2014


Ladies looking at marguerite doré in black, drift designed glass plates.

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Anti-Slavery Australia Freedom Dinner 2013.


marguerite doré combination set in black, drift design.

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Aria Catering

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“Dear Marguerite, We would love have your beautiful glasswares as a silent auction prize for our event. They are really gorgeous! I particularly love the drift series. Kind regards, Beau Neilson”.


 Anti-Slavery Australia web site & facebook.