happy 3rd birthday marguerite doré – est 2012 may 7th

May 7th 2012 was the day l launched my brand marguerite doré.

Three years later and l’m here in London introducing the brand to London’s finest Chefs.

sept 2012 382

sept 2012 383

All my glass samples in my colour range were photos taken by

BEN JOHNSON Photographer.


The Olsen was were the Melbourne launch was held.

The journey and its main purpose of marguerite doré and my company M DORE GLASS PTY LTD is to strive to bring beauty into the hands of the beholder with GLASS.

I have meet some wonderful people out there and have had the pleasure of presenting glass plates to individuals, like..

Cyndi Lauper

Cyndiy Laupier when she was in Melbourne with Memphis Blues, the plate was designed to match their tour branding.


Jerry Hall while acting in the Play, The Graduate. Jerry loved her plates in her favourite colour green.

Cyndi Lauper 2011 070Cyndi Lauper 2011 069

Memphis Blues Band members.

Behind the glamour….


Inside the margeurite doré studio. Plenty of space for very large kilns to “slump” our glass dining-ware.

It’s not the prettiest word “slumping” but that’s exactly what happens.


This is what l call, handmade.

Getting your hands and fingers cut is all part of the glass world.

I can really say the phrase, “blood, sweat and tears”

Studio factory 003

The glass used is of the highest quaulity, Spectrum Glass from U.S.A which is delivered in large sheets all ready for the marguerite doré studio to do our magic.


Platters all washed, ready to be polished and packed. These emerald flow design platters were made for Peter Rowland at the Flemington Racing track , V.R.C.

Along this journey l have meet some colourful, fantastic people in the industry of food-service. I am associate member of LTB, Les Toques Blanches, an Executive Chefs Association and it has been and still is an honour.


Chef Peter Scheiber

Life time member.


Chef George Hill


                         My friend and a lady l truly admire,

Kerry Smith CEO of PDF Food services Pty Ltd.


Marcus Moore who was he President of Les Toques Blances when this image was taken.


President of Les Toques Blanches Chef Mark Weatherley and Chef Bernd Uber

Jacques & l

Chef Jacques Reymond


Chef Grant Hack and Chef Mark Clayton

I have grown fond of all the members of LTB and l am grateful for their kindness and their wanting to help me. I have learnt a lot from the Chefs of LTB and fellow associates.


At the first truffle festival 2014 here with Chef Adam Swanson. 


Mr. Truffle, Simon Friend


Using our plates for demonstrations at the truffle festival, 2014.


Photo-shoot at The Point, Albert Park, Melbourne.


The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, 2014

 plating up

Chef Jacques Reymonds creations.

Dinner for Les Toques Blanches members at the RACV City Club.

bjp_mdore_078 bjp_mdore_079

Plated in the kitchen run by Executive Chef Mark Normoyle.


Chefs Perrick Boyer and Mark Normoyle have done so much for me with food styling and their support.


Our last photo-shoot for our new version Look book


Food stylist Chef Crystal Jones and Photographer Ben Johnson they were both an amazing team, so proud to have them on my team.

20150328_114112 IMG_0736

Chef Crystal Jones was the personal Chef for the Queen of Bahrain, it was an honour to have her culinary skills for this photo-shoot.


I end the three years in London as l am here to introduce the brand to the U.K. Here with my case custom built to carry the marguerite doré  range weighing 30 kilos, thankfully the case is on wheels.

It has always been my dream to have a beautiful range of glass dining-ware that the food-service industry and the general public could use every day. Instead of the days when we kept the good crockery for special occasions, left in the cupboards gathering  dust. Now there is marguerite doré glass dining-ware that is and still to this day makes me go “wow”. Hope that is ok for me to say “wow” because it’s the truth. Every time l open the kiln and see the results l receive a beautiful feeling and my wish to you is that you get to experience that feeling too by owning and using our marguerite doré glass dining-ware daily.

In the world of glass anything is possible.

Happy 3rd Birthday.