happy 2nd birthday marguerite doré -launched 7th may 2012

marguerite doré – glass dining-ware

Handmade in Melbourne.

Monday 7th May 2012 the evening that our brand marguerite doré was launched in Melbourne and then Sydney 14th May. The lead up to the launch did not happen over night first it started with an idea and then into the start up phase.

Melbourne Launch – The Olsen, South Yarra, Melbourne.

Welcome to The John Olsen Penthouse.


The Olsen was perfect for the Launch as it has an artistic decor with the creations of Landscape Artist Dr John Olsen.   



Oliver von Brunn & Brad French from Crown Melbourne


Faye DePasquale Artist. My favorite art teacher from school days


My father George William Dore 111


Directors of Duncan Packaging Grazyna Lambert & Max Johnson



Carol Rothschild Executive Officer Food Service Industry & Director of House of Rothschild & Kerry Smith CEO of PFD foods.

bjp_md_026 bjp_md_025 bjp_md_027



Sean Zajac from Peter Rowland, Melbourne.



bjp_md_001 bjp_md_076


Steve Richardson from Peter Rowland, Melbourne.


Adam Hayes of Salon A, South Yarra.
Friend and my hairdresser at Salon A, South Yarra.


Sean Zajac from Peter Rowland, Melbourne.



Brad French from Crown Melbourne

bjp_md_044 bjp_md_045 bjp_md_078


An exciting start for the brand marguerite doré.

Sydney Launch – Subsolo Restaurant, Sydney


Thank you Richard Nichols for your support. Richard is the Director of Rios Group Pty Ltd and Subsolo Restaurant.

bjp_md_011 bjp_md_034 bjp_md_0251 bjp_md_014 bjp_md_015 bjp_md_037


Richard Nichols and his staff at Subsolo, Sydney

  I personally would like to thank all who were involved for your encouragement and support whether professionally or personally. It was a trying time with the death of my Mother just days before the Melbourne Launch, Mum was so excited and was extremely creative artist in her own right . Thank you Dad for having the strength to be there for me along with my loving daughter Rachael.


My Father George & daughter Rachael.

  With the help of our Photographer Ben Johnson of Ben Johnson Photographer in South Yarra and Jane Bothwick who is our food stylist, both were a true joy to create with. Thank you. Thank you to our creative team Andy and Pete from CC & Co. Melbourne who designed our logo’s and all other publication fields along with  Hody Hong – Digital consultant. for behinds the scenes in digital.


HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY marguerite doré 

Brand name & logo have been trademarked in Australia. ®

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