make the plate a canvas

Our plates add a unique WOW factor to your guest dining experience. The impact of marguerite doré glass dinning-ware is that they transcend a meal from standard dinner to something outstanding by offering a visually inspiring dining experience.


Your presentation are enhanced with the use of these unique glass dining-ware.


Australian designed and Australian made they showcase the inherent beauty of the Australian creativity, ingenuity and character. Like Australia they are strong, resilient, individual and versatile.

Each item we make is an individual piece of glass cut by hand to capture the unique characteristics of the glass with the only electricity used in the process when using the electric fire in the kiln process.


Glass enhances the presentation of your food with its lustre and versatility, so you can have plates which become a clear luminous canvas for your cuisine with marguerite doré.


You will see our logo embossed in the centre of the plate; this is your guarantee that you own an original marguerite doré