the range

Your presentation and service will be complemented with the use of our unique combination from our full range of plates, platters and bowls that you can chose from our range of colours, designs, shapes and sizes.


Each piece is handmade and can be produced to your colour specifications. The hand made process ensures care, quality and originality in both design and production offering a broadly appealing range of dinnerware.

dipper (DIP) 

100 x 180mm

50 x 110mm – inside

oblong small (OS) 

150 x 250mm

90 x 190mm – inside

oblong medium (OM) 

180 x 520mm

120 x 460mm – inside

oblong large (OL) 

370 x 520mm

290 x 440mm – inside

square medium (SM) 


180mm – inside

bowl small (BS) 


150mm – inside

30mm – depth

bowl medium (BM) 


220mm – inside

30mm – depth

bowl large (BL) 


320mm – inside

30mm – depth

round small (RS) 

180mm / 120mm – inside

200mm  /120mm – inside

round medium (RM) 


240mm – inside